TCR Safety First Commitment
Workout worry-free in our safe & clean facility!



Since TCR re-opened in June 2020 for our children’s camp programming, and our gym opened on September 21st, we have been at the forefront of COVID safety gone above and beyond state-suggested safety protocols such as screening and temperature checks, enhanced cleaning protocols, mask mandates and reduced capacity. We are pleased to say that with over a year of being open our facility has not reported a single incident of spreading.

Once described as “high-risk,” Governor Cuomo has since reversed his classification of gyms and says, “they’re not major spreaders on the numbers” due to the safety protocols gyms have put in place. We are also comforted by a National Study in the US that found “after nearly 50 million check-ins over a three-month period, a nominal .0023 percent [of gym goers] tested positive for COVID-19.” A similar study in Europe found that “gyms pose an extremely low risk of infection and should be kept open for the health and wellbeing of their communities.”

Below please find what we are doing to ensure we continue to keep gyms a safe place for you to maintain your health and wellness!

Vaccine Requirement

All TCR staff are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and all members and guests entering TCR have to have at least one dose of the vaccine. Being vaccinated against COVID-19 reduces the likelihood of contracting & spreading the virus, as well as the chances of hospitalizations.

Cleaning Protocol

We use hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants certified to kill COVID-19. Below is an outline of our daily cleaning protocol:

  • Our full-time maintenance staff regularly clean and disinfect all shared spaces and equipment throughout the day
  •  Members are provided with disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray bottles in every area of the club to assist in cleaning their space before and after use
  • The fitness center is cleaned regularly using electrostatic disinfectant backpack sprayer that efficiently attack microbes, providing 3x more coverage in the same amount of time than traditional efforts.

Sanitizing Stations

We provide members and guests with touchless hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipe dispensers in every area of the club. We ask that everybody employ generous use of our hand sanitizer for personal hygiene, and to use our disinfectant wipes to sanitize your workout area before and after each use.

Limited Capacity

To maximize safety for all members of our community and ensure social distancing, we are operating all facilities at 66% of maximum occupancy capacity. Advanced reservations can be made through our smart-phone application in the Fitness Center, Swimming Pool & Basketball Gym.

Enhanced Air Systems

We have taken extra steps to improve the air quality in our spaces:

  • Installed hospital grade air filters capable of filtering out viruses have been installed in all of our HVAC air systems
  • REME HALO air cleaning systems installed in ducts which produces hydro-peroxide plasma and uses ultra-violet light to purify surfaces and the air killing 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses
  • TCR’s indoor tennis air structure resembles outdoor conditions and has 100% fresh air turn over every 1.5 hours.

Social Distancing

Please practice social distancing of 6 feet in all areas of the club.

  • To facilitate social distancing we have spaced equipment and seating a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  • Signage throughout the club will provide guidance on direction of travel and provide reminders to maintain social distancing.