10 Ways to Workout and Lose Weight Faster

Treadmill exercise

 There are a million reasons to workout besides losing weight. Just ask any fitness or health professional! But just in case you are one of those people going for the slim down, here are some ways that have been proven to be most effective! Change up your workouts- Instead of doing the same exercise every […]

Time to Spring into Fitness

  • By Aaron Klipstein
  • March 29, 2019

Spring into Fitness   We made it through another Winter, and Spring is officially here (even though is does not feel like it yet)!  However, after all the comfort food of the holidays, it is the perfect time to reignite your motivation for fitness! Time to Spring into Fitness! Summer will be here before you […]

Want to Live Longer? Play Tennis!

Want to live longer?  Play tennis!!  A recent study has shown that people who play tennis live longer than any other sport…an extra 9.7 years of life.  Why?  Because you are exercising but more importantly you’re doing it with other people.  So come play tennis on our beautiful well lit, indoor courts…it’s a fantastic sport […]

Sustaining Healthy Physical Activity

  • By Aaron Klipstein
  • February 21, 2019

So, you finally decided your “going to get healthy.”  Where do you begin? You either  get into strength training, cardiovascular exercise, or even regular Yoga workouts. Now, there is something N.E.W.  NEW is our acronym for sustaining healthy physical activity. Taking on an exercise regimen can seem like you are climbing Mt. Everest. There are […]

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