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What do you want to improve?

A certified personal trainer can help anyone regardless of physical condition or age, whether you want to tone up, slim down, recover from an injury or looking to improve your “game” TCR has a multidisciplinary staff that can help you reach your fitness goal. Working with a personal trainer provides you with a full, in-depth pathway to success, making very clear where you are starting from and how best to get to where you want to go. We take the guesswork out of your workout!

All TCR memberships include a complimentary assessment and orientation to set you on the right path. Get started today!

Associate TrainerMember RateNon-Member Rate
1 hour$120$180
6 Pack$635$955
12 Pack$1205$1810
24 Pack$2280
48 Pack$4305
Elite TrainerMember RateNon-Member Rate
1 hour$140$210
6 Pack$740$1110
12 Pack$1425$2140
24 Pack$2695
48 Pack$5075
Director TrainerMember RateNon-Member Rate
1 hour$200$300
6 Pack$1200$1800
12 Pack$2400$3600