Our Junior Golf Academy helps kids of all ages take their game to the next level. Our various golf programs are designed with your child’s game in mind, whether it’s introducing them to holding a club or helping them fine tune their skills for competitive play.

Raising up Tomorrow's stars

At Golf TCR, we’re passionate about helping the next generation grow to love the game of golf. To that end, we’ve created a number of golf programs that caters to all skill levels of junior golfers. Whether they’re just starting out, or looking to go pro, we have the right professionals to help them reach their goals. All our junior programs are designed to be fun, engaging while beneficial at the same time.

Future Stars (Ages 6 – 12)

Our Future Stars students will work with coaches on individualized player development goals. Students will participate in a customized weekly skills training program. Our weekly training program will be taught in a circuit format to help better the students feel for the game while gaining more confidence in their swing.


Class NameMinutesWithout transportationWith transportation
Future Stars – 17 weeks60 minutes$2,120$3,540
Future Stars – 34 weeks60 minutes$3,6830$6,600

Juniors On Course (Ages 10 – 17)

Juniors On Course programs will include a combination of golf and fitness, with up to 17 On-Course days during the 34 week program. Students will work with coaches on their personal swing numbers using our state-of-the-art Trackman simulator. Coaches will work individually with students on their swing video analysis to break down their swing in detail. This program includes rules of golf, and tournament strategy classroom sessions. All Juniors On Course students will be evaluated on their fitness level. Our goal is to identify any physical limitations to help students perform at their very best. Students will also participate in fitness based circuits aligned with the mechanics of the golf swing.


Class NameMinutesWithout transportationWith transportation
Juniors On Course – 17 weeks120 minutes$3,905$5,325
Juniors On Course – 34 weeks120 minutes$6,885$9,655

Golf Camps

NYC Junior Golf Camps at TCR are a great opportunity for your child to enhance their golf game. 

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Private Lessons

Students will work directly with our certified golf professionals one-on-one.

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The very finest golf technology in the business. AboutGolf simulators allow you to bring the golf course inside. 

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