Keeping up on Healthful Holiday Nutrition

holiday nutrition
Here are some helpful tips and reminders to help you focus on healthful holiday nutrition!

It’s that time of year! Joining friends and family to celebrate the holidays. Food, alcohol, relaxing with loved ones. A combination that could mean weight gain and lack of motivation when it comes to exercising. It’s important to be mindful about holiday nutrition this time of year! 


  1. Stop eating when you feel full- Very simple yet difficult idea. You don’t always have to clear the food on your plate! To be safe, take less food. People’s eyes tend to be larger than their stomachs.
  2. Control Portions- Use a smaller plate so you can Gage how much you are consuming.
  3. Slow down- Take your time to eat so you can notice when you start to feel full. A lot of people eat until all the food on their plate is gone and this is not good if you are full.
  4. Keep a food diary- Keep track of what you are eating and how much of your eating is healthful.
  5. Pay attention- Try not to eat aimlessly.
  6. Plan- Schedule what you will eat for the week ahead of time. But remember, things happen.
  7. Eat when you’re hungry- Very simple idea. A lot of people eat when they are bored. Learn to notice the signals so you can stop yourself before starting to over indulge.
  8. Stay active- It is important to take time for yourself. Even if you cut back on physical activities during the holiday season, set aside time to take care of yourself.


According to Riska Platt, M.S., a registered dietitian and certified nutritionist for the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York, “The key to mindful eating is awareness. Just by paying more attention to what you eat, you’re more likely to make beneficial changes.”  

Plan ahead. When you know you are going to a party where there will be a lot of eating, go for a walk before or limit how much you eat!



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