Tennis is our passion. Let us make it yours, too!

No matter your current skill level, tennis is an excellent full-body sport. It is easy to learn to play tennis, is great for your health, and challenging enough to keep you coming back, match after match. This is an especially efficient fitness regimen for adults because it can increase your aerobic capacity and endurance, lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure, and improve your muscle tone, strength, and flexibility, all while enjoying an exhilarating game. But it's not just physical improvements that make tennis an ideal activity. When you learn to play tennis, you're improving your reaction times and hand-eye coordination, as well as developing discipline and problem solving on the fly.

We have six indoor hard-courts and top-notch pro tennis trainers on staff, providing us the space and experience to improve your game, no matter your skill level. At TCR, we offer a wide range of tennis lessons, either private or full classes, suitable for players of all ages and any skill level. Learn the basics, improve your game, or rent a tennis court and pit yourself against other highly-skilled players.

Explore our options to find the right fit for you.

Fall 2019/Winter 2020 ADULT TENNIS

Instructional CLINICS

Beginners will learn the fundamentals of tennis and rules of the game. Advanced beginners will learn and improve your stroke and techniques with instruction and drilling. As you master the fundamentals, serving and doubles play strategies will be added to the class. Intermediate to advanced players will focus on improving and gaining consistency in your current strokes and adding some new shots and strategies to your game. 1-2hrs, maximum 6 per court. Sessions are 14 weeks long. Save 10% by signing up for both sessions!

60 MINUTE CLASS RATES - Beginner to Low Intermediate

# of Sessions Minutes Member Price Non-Member Price
1 Session (14 Classes) 60 minutes $750 $870
10 Pack of Drop-Ins 60 minutes $590 $690

90 MINUTE CLASS RATES - Low Intermediate to High Intermediate

# of Sessions Minutes Member Price Non-Member Price
1 Session (14 Classes) 90 minutes $1130 $1300
10 Pack of Drop-Ins 90 minutes $890 $1050

120 MINUTE CLASS RATES - Low Intermediate to High Intermediate

# of Sessions Minutes Member Price Non-Member Price
1 Session (14 Classes) 120 minutes $1500 $1740
10 Pack of Drop-Ins 120 minutes $1190 $1370

Cardio Tennis : All Levels

Your cardio and tennis workout in one! 60 minutes of intensive running and hitting. Sign up for the full 14 Week Session or purchase a package of drop in classes.


# of Classes Minutes Member Price Non-Member Price
14 Week Session 60 minutes $380 $450
10 Pack of Drop-Ins 60 minutes $320 $370
Single Drop In 60 minutes $35 $45


TCR now has Pickleball Matchplay Clinics! This popular paddle sport is for all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong.


# of Clinics Minutes Member Price Non-Member Price
Drop-Ins (1 Clinic) 90 minutes $30 $40
7 Week Session 90 minutes $140 $210
10 Pack of Drop-Ins 90 minutes $250 $350


Private Lessons

Students will work directly with a certified pro!

Golf Camps

NYC Junior Golf Camps at TCR are a great opportunity for your child to enhance their golf game. 


Explore exciting tennis memberships here!


Engaging, exciting tennis camp in NYC!



View the program calendar for the 2019/2020 season.


Beginner to advanced, we have something for everyone. See our brochures here!


Need a court? We have 6 indoor courts available. See our rates here!


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