Tennis is an excellent sport for children of all ages. When you learn to play tennis, you're improving your reaction times and hand-eye coordination, as well as developing discipline and problem solving on the fly. Tennis is a full-body sport, easy to learn, great for your health, and challenging enough to keep you coming back, match after match.

Tennis is our passion. Let us make it your child’s, too!

With our six indoor hard-courts and top-notch pro trainers on staff, we have the space and experience to improve your child’s game, no matter your skill level. At TCR, we offer a wide range of tennis lessons, either private or full classes, suitable for players of all ages and any skill level. Learn the basics, improve your game, or rent a tennis court and pit yourself against other highly-skilled players.

Explore our options to find the right fit for your child.

Now accepting enrollment for 2018/2019 school year!

Future Stars I & II (Ages 7 – 17)

This level is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn the FUNdamentals of tennis. Activities focus on building agility, balance and coordination skills, while developing the on court skills needed to serve, rally, and score. Prior to graduating to the next stage of our program players will be able to demonstrate understanding of basic technique and maintain that technique during rallies with peers. Classes are grouped by level and age with 4-6 students per class per pro running Monday through Sunday. Our goal is to provide a fun and fast paced environment where your child’s skills and love for this lifelong game is sure to grow. Groups are formed by TCR. Future Stars I utilizes 36ft, 60ft and/or 78ft courts.


Class Name Minutes Without transportation With transportation
Future Stars I – 17 weeks 60 minutes $1,475 $2,575
Future Stars I – 34 weeks 60 minutes $2,950 $5,100
Class Name Minutes Without transportation With transportation
Future Stars II – 34 weeks 60 minutes $3,150 $5,300

Player Development, Recreational Pathway & High Performance (Ages 8 – 17)

This is a tiered program for beginners, intermediate and advanced juniors with players moving up as they improve. The first level is ideal for beginner and intermediate players. Classes are held on the full court with both the green dot and regular tennis balls. Sessions emphasize a strong foundation in proper stroke development and basic tactical and fitness training. Our coaches will assess each individual and will group accordingly for specific skill focus. Classes are grouped by level and age with 4-6 students per class per pro running Monday through Sunday. Groups are formed by TCR.


Class Name Minutes Without transportation With transportation
High Performance – 34 weeks 120 minutes $6,100 $8,250
Form your own custom group

The benefits of forming your own group can be tremendous. Not only can it provide your child with a handpicked group of friends but it allows better control over matching ages, talent, goals, focus, and work ethic. If you have a group of kids that would like to play together and develop as a group please enroll today to save their court. You can enroll between 2-5 players in each preformed group (see Jeff for rates). A $400 deposit per child is required to hold the group’s desired time slot.

Complimentary Match Play

Sundays: 6–8 pm

Intermediate players and above, ages 8 -17. Pro monitored two hour sessions.

Quick Start (Ages 3 – 7)

QuickStart Tennis is a new format to help children 7 and under learn and play the game of tennis. To make it easier for them, a few things have changed: The court size. The racquet sizes. The tennis balls.


Class Name Minutes Without transportation With transportation
Quickstart I – 17 weeks 30 minutes $400 $1,500
Quickstart I – 34 weeks 30 minutes $750 $2,900
Class Name Minutes Without transportation With transportation
Quickstart II – 17 weeks 60 minutes $750 $1,850
Quickstart II – 34 weeks 60 minutes $1,400 $3,550



During the TCR Junior Golf Academy, we will take our training sessions to the golf course where we will learn about different playing formats...

Private Lessons

Students will work directly with LPGA T&CP member, Kate Tempesta and Dineen Notman, PGA.


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