Private Tennis Lessons in NYC
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Private Tennis lessons in NYC: Elevate your game

With our six indoor hard-courts and top-notch pro trainers on staff, TCR has the space and experience to improve your game, no matter your skill level. At TCR, we offer a wide range of private tennis lessons for all ages, all taught by professional tennis coaches. You can learn the basics of tennis, improve your game, or even rent a tennis court and pit yourself against other highly-skilled players.

Tennis is a full-body sport, easy to learn, great for your health, and challenging enough to keep you coming back, match after match. Increase your aerobic capacity and endurance, lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure, and improve your muscle tone, strength, and flexibility, all while enjoying an exhilarating game. It’s not just physical improvements that make tennis an ideal activity; when you learn to play tennis, you’re improving your reaction times and hand-eye coordination, as well as developing discipline and problem solving on the fly.

Private tennis lessons are available for individual purchase, a package of 10 hours to be booked individually, or a Seasonal package of 34 hours to reserve the same coach, day and time for our 34 week tennis season September – June. Court fees are included in the price of the lesson.


Instructor 1 Hour Private 1 Hour
10 Hour Private 10 Hour Semi 34 Hour Seasonal Private 34 Hour Seasonal Semi
Associate Pro $225 $140/per $2,025 $1,300/per $8,850 $5,745/per
Head Pro $260 $160/per $2,340 $1,500/per $9,985 $6,405/per
Senior Pro $300 $185/per $3,000 $1,850/per $11,730 $7,545/per

10 Packs must be scheduled individually. Seasonal privates reserve same coach, day and time for 34 week season September – June.

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