Try Les Mills Virtual Classes at TCR

Try Les Mills Virtual Classes at TCR

Les Mills Virtual Fitness Classes at TCR

Our world is ever-changing and evolving.  Similarly, so is the way we access fitness! TCR has added over 40 Les Mills Virtual classes in our weekly schedule of classes. From group exercise classes like BodyPump and Grit to cycling classes like RPM and Sprint. Click here to view class descriptions from Les Mills.

LES MILLS Virtual workouts combine Les Mills’ world-leading fitness programs with pumping sound and motivation from some of the hottest instructors on the planet. At TCR, we display our automated virtual classes throughout the weekly schedule using state of the art projector systems.

There are hundreds of classes to choose from, and Les Mills updates their class listing every 3 months to keep the options fresh. It’s a truly inspiring experience that will drive amazing results. 

Worried about how you’re going to keep up in an instructor led class? Virtual provides a low-risk way for members to try out a new program and gain confidence before they try it live with an Instructor.

Overall, Virtual reality is going to be beneficial to all of our members and hopefully introduce them to new types of fitness and more confidence to branch out to our live class alternatives. Try a virtual class at TCR today!

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